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La SAER-EMPLOI: Cabinet spécialisé dans le recrutement et conseil en ressources humaines, recrute pour le compte d’une société minière de la place:


·           Attend to production equipment breakdowns effectively and efficiently.

·           Provide technical advice and assistance to shift personnel when required [to minimise down time].

·           Ensure all tools and equipment used are cleaned and returned to the tool store by the end of shift.

·           Ensure JSAs, Risk assessments and Safety actions are completed within allocated time and within C-Safe.

·           Ensure adherence to Safe Work Procedures [SOP].

·           Conduct planned task observations and inform any deviations to the HME Workshop Maintenance Foreman to allow amendment of SWP according

·           Observations].

·           Complete duties as may be delegated by the HME Manager.

·           Ensure adequate delegation of work according to the competencies and skills of the shift teams.

·           Work closely with HME Workshop Maintenance Foreman, Planners, CM Technicians, and HME Manager to identify optimisation potential.

·           Report next shift priorities and completion of each shift.

·           Manage HME Workshop shift Maintenance Foreman to limit downtime and impact on production

·           Work closely with Mining Shift Supervisors/Superintendents to ensure effective breakdown management.

·           Work closely with Site Services Supervisors/Superintendents to ensure effective breakdown management

·           Ensure correct completion and timely return of all HME related Work orders or job cards for all work done while on shift.

·           Priorities of shift completions of the planned work

·           Have input to the short and long-term planning

·           Support staff in performance agreements.

·           Review performance of staff, provide positive feedback and guide rectifying behaviour as necessary.

·           In addition to PM reviews, regularly discuss work plans and measure/evaluate progress reports.

·           Assist each staff member in compiling a Personal Development Plan [PDP] and ensure on the job coaching or other appropriate training interventions.

·           Attend any specialized training courses related to duties.

·           Ensure on-going and effective communication with staff

·           Comply with the B2Gold Golden Rules, Code of Conduct and all Policies.

·           Comply with the regulation clauses that apply to the work area.

·           Ensure compliance with the Labour Act: Regulations Pertaining to Health and Safety, Mining Act and Regulations and Mine Safety and Health standards.

·           Actively lead safety and/or toolbox meetings, and conduct a weekly safety inspection of work area based on the schedule set by Management.

·           Maintain a safe working environment, and keep the assigned work area clean and tidy.

·           Report all unsafe acts and conditions as well as injuries, accidents, equipment damage and near miss incidents to the supervisor in a timely manner.

·           Conduct and participate in investigations for all injuries, accidents and equipment damage in line with Company Policy and prepare all documentation in a timely manner.

·           Develop and implement good housekeeping principles and practices.

·           Encourage all employees to develop and maintain a safe working attitude, utilising the principles of Duty of Care.

·           Ensure prompt action of all corrective actions of investigations, inspections and audits in C-Safe.

·           Ensure prompt action of all safety issues brought up by employees.

·           Complete site, department and area specific inductions - Safety, Security, HR, Admin, Environmental, Mining, etc. inductions vital to the performance of duties and obligations.

·           Ensure all employees receive proper induction and safety training.

·           Assist in the area specific induction of new employees.

·           Wear and maintain the PPE appropriate to the task and area while on duty.

·           Complete Safety training modules which includes but are not limited to: SLAM JSA, Pre-Task Risk Assessments etc.

·           Carry out regular Task Analysis of SOP’s.

·           Maintain and review Standard Operating Procedures JSA’s and a safe working environment.

·           Ensure all safe working procedures are documented and adhered to.

·           Seek environmental advice and assistance when necessary.

·           Control and minimise environmental impacts of activities.

·           Demonstrate commitment and leadership in environmental management.

·           Meet environmental objectives and requirements in accordance to legislation, standards, procedures, within areas of responsibility.

·           Attend Occupational Health Medicals, as is indicated to you by the clinic staff. Provide truthful information regarding your health status and adhere to recommendations made to you as an employee by the Occupational Health doctor or clinic staff.

·           Complete and update changes on the employee information form at the site clinic as soon as you arrive on site/start working on site. 

·           Adhere to requests or instructions for Injury on duty cases. 

·           Implement, maintain and improve the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System.

·           Actively participate in the implementation and improvement of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (OHSE) Management System.

·           Participate in review of key OHSE documents and procedures.

·           Actively promote the HSE Management System to your employees.




Proficiency Level


Proficiency Level

Attributes / Attitudes

Proficiency Level

Heavy Mining Equipment [HME].







Oriented toward Results achievement.





Risk awareness.


Relevant B2Gold Policies and Procedures.


Ability to work in a team.



Stress tolerant.


Problem solving / Decision-making.







Results driven.





Minimum Educational Qualification ()


Technical School Diploma BT2

Minimum Experience Required

3 years mine operational experience as a Mine HME superintendent in a mine environment.

Special Requirements / Licences

Caterpillar fleet experience would be an asset


Les candidatures féminines sont vivement encouragées.

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Vous pouvez envoyer votre candidature (CV et lettre de motivation), aux adresses suivantes : SAER-EMPLOI sise à Hamdallaye ACI 2000, rue : 311, Immeuble SAER-EMPLOI, ou l’envoyer par email  à Candidature.Mine@Saer-Emploi.Com.  Veuillez mentionner dans votre dossier de candidature le titre du poste pour lequel vous postulez et seules les candidatures retenues lors de l’appréciation des dossiers feront l’objet d’une relance. Date limite de dépôt le 14/10/2019 à 16h00